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opticlean™ filter technology

In most cases a leaky and deformed sinter filter results in a damaged and clogged precision oil nozzle. Sinter filters have a too small filter surface and rough filtering characteristics, this in turn leads to burner disturbances. With our new filter technology these problems are now a thing of the past.


By the special opticlean filter medium and by the precise arrangement of the 65 double folds our filters are able to increase the filter surface up to 37 times compared to other conventional filter cartridges. The singular opticlean filter cartridge fits in each commercial fuel oil filter. Microtec oil filters ensure perfect filter performance with a high dirt pick-up capacity. 


The manufacturing of cellulos-based paper requires a lot of experience and precision. Our close contact to the worldwide leading manufactures of filters and filter medium includes a permanent and mutual exchange of experience. This competence enabled us to develop fuel oil filter elements, which are optimal adjusted to this specific application.


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fixdicht sealant and Turbotec adhesive AND Aerosols technology

Fixdicht - sealants are single component products and don't need to be mixed. They are easy and fast to apply and also safe and economic in their usage. The final strength is achieved within a few minutes. The sealant cures in contact with metal and under the exclusion of air to form a viscoelastic synthetic material.


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